How To Cure Acne And Blackheads

Published: 06th October 2009
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How to cure acne? You and millions of people globally are simultaneously asking the same question. Pimple problem is the most common skin disease. Because it is so widespread, many people just ignore it all together.

Did you know that only 23% of people who suffer from pimple breakouts seek for medication or advice to get rid of their pimples? Since you are asking the question 'how to cure acne "", you are well on your way to getting a clearer and smoother complexion than more than 75% of your peers.

The most common type of pimples is blackheads. Here, you will not only find out how to cure acne, you will also get some information on how to remove blackheads as well. The most practical and effective way to treat pimples and blackheads is through the application of topical medications. You can easily avail of these online or over the counter of your local drugstore. Better yet, you can even concoct your own homemade remedy.

When looking for medicated pimple creams, check the label. See if they contain active ingredients such as vitamin A, benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, sulfur, and resorcinol. These chemical compounds help in eliminating pimples by stimulating cell growth, unblocking the pores, and keeping your skin toxin-free.

Unfortunately, these ingredients usually dry up the skin. In order to prevent excessive dryness, avail of an ointment that also has moisturizing qualities. For best results, purchase a medicated pimple ointment with natural oils such as Aloe Vera and Acai berry.

Erythromycin, Tetracycline, and Minocycline are some oral antibiotics that can also help in killing pimple-causing bacteria. However, this is just temporary. More often times than not, these bacteria will eventually develop a resistance towards the anti-bacterial medication.

Do these kinds of topical and oral medication work on how to get rid of blackheads, too? Yes, definitely. A blackhead is a mild type of pimple. Unknown to many, a blockhead is not just dirt blocking the pore. It is dried oil underneath the surface of the skin, which is restricted from coming out due to the blocked pore. The medications mentioned above help in clearing the pores up and killing the bacteria that aggravates the condition.

For those of you who are asking the questions 'how to cure acne' and 'how to remove blackheads', you are in for a big surprise. Homemade pimple remedies can be very effective in treating pimples and eliminating blackheads. Mix toothpaste and strawberries or cucumber in a bowl and chill the mixture in the ref for an hour. Toothpaste contains benzoyl peroxide while strawberries and cucumber are great moisturizers. Apply your concoction on the affected area every night before you go to sleep for a week or two. Do this regularly to have a clear and supple complexion in no time at all. has the answers to all the questions that you were afraid to ask about how to cure acne! To make sure that you will not have to settle for anything less than the full story on how to remove blackheads and related topics, check out the site right away !

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